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STORAGE ONLY(for the Entire Season-expires December 31st of the current year): $54.00*  


Since fur garments are susceptible to insect damage as well as heat and humidity keeping your garments at home during the summer is often a costly mistake.

Our state of the art storage vaults are climatically controlled with the temperature set at 50 degrees and a relative humidity of 50%. Prevent your investment from destructive elements that our cold storage vaults can eliminate. 

 *Applies to all fur garments only; Prices vary for fur/fabric combination garments, shearlings, leathers, reversibles, etc. Storage prices also vary for smaller garments such as hats and scarves. See store for details. 


Maintaining your Fur

Furs should be reconditioned once a year whether or not they were worn. Our process will add the natural oils back into the fur and hide to help preserve the longevity of your garments while keeping the pelts soft and lustrous, assuring many years of enjoyment.

We also offer an outstanding cleaning and recoloring services for leathers, shearlings and most specialty outerwear.



Our in store master furriers can mend any fur, leather and cloth garment.  The tiniest tear on fur can lead to a costly replacement of pelts; attend to repairs when they are minor.  Worn cuff edges, pockets, hems, and fronts can be made to look fresh and new with the quality work our master furriers perform.  From a hood replacement to the most extensive repair, our experts will be happy to give you a free estimate of the charge. 



A hidden treasure may be in your closet.  Be it an inherited fur or a piece that no longer fits or a style your tired of.

We can transform your fur into a fabulous lined raincoat, trim a cloth or leather coat, or change an old mink coat into a beautiful sheared stroller or blanket. Our furriers can create a custom designed special look for you.  The possibilities are endless.

Bring your fur into us for a complimentary evaluation and suggestions.